Tuesday, 4 January 2011

'73 Westy is on it's way from California. It will be getting a little cleaning up done and is for sale for £14500. See vehicle sales page for a lot more pics. Simon's '66 Double door panel came in for the sills replaced both sides. When the outers were removed, the inners, bulkheads and floors needed repair too. More pics in Facebook gallery online soon. '72 Deluxe is well on it's way to being completed and has a new owner waiting for it.
Meanwhile Lucy's '65 bug is in for some repair work after a hit and run left it in need of TLC. More pics as we progress.
We are slowly updating the blog due to a lot of factors making the blog have to take a back seat in 2010. We have lost a lot of pics and info(see below posts!) but will do our best and will be making more regular updates from now on. We are also in the process of creating a FACEBOOK page, which will have lots of photo galleries to make finding particular cars easier and will be linked to here when ready......
We managed a weekend trip to Le bug show at SPA in the Golf, as no bus to drive, Sob.. Rest of pics will be in a gallery on our facebook page, which will be online shortly. Here's a few misc pics of some of this year's work. Seems to have been a lot of metal repair this year..

Here's a pic of the narrowed bug beam in a type 3 square conversion someone had done a DIY job on! The framehead was also rotten and no, there wasn't anything holding the beam in on this side... We re-did it all with 8mm steel and also repaired a few nasty bodywork areas and did a lot of paint blending.Here's the '67 Beetle that replaced the '66 Beetle we drove to the Arctic circle (below) A beautiful rust free 67 1500. Lotus White, Red interior, Eberspacher heater and factory 12 volt! This also came from Sweden.Gratuitous inner wing shot. This turned out too nice for what we had planned for it, so it was left stock and sold on. I know, can't keep anything!The '66 Bus being lost to a fire did eventually have a large silver lining in the form of our 'new' '67 kombi, which is actually a nicer bus. We did miss the summer, but it arrived from California in time for Brighton Breeze. The insurance company couldn't have been better or faster.Here's the Original Sears Radars whiche were due to go on until we found out one of the wheels has been badly re-rimmed and the rim is not on straight! Talk about a rubbish year! Fortunately the seller has agreed to take them back.
July is where everything got a bit sketchy, as we lost the camera with all the pics on it...
After 25 years off the road and a year's worth of spare time our '66 Walkthru hit the UK roads.Then this happened.. The brass fitting blew out of the carb on the motorway and the bus was a total loss...Gutted. The camera was inside the bus. Dave kindly took these shots.The only thing keeping us going at the time was a planned trip to pick up a '66 Bug in Northern Sweden. We flew out there on the Friday afternoon (the bus burned Tuesday) and picked up the bug in the land of the midnight sun. The first two pics are at midnight.The next day we drove 60km north to the Arctic Circle before turning south.We collected the '75 ex army bus a few miles south. It was then a 1000 mile drive to the Helsingborg ferry to cross into Denmark, before another crossing to Germany, then a drive through Holland, Belgium, France and Home. A 2000 mile trip in 5 days.On returning home the camo bus received an MOT and UK registration, Lowering, Satin black bumpers and wheels, a rock and roll bed and a new owner! The Beetle also went to a new home as although it was RUST FREE we found a better one! We don't have a record of a lot of the work from the early part of last year due to the fire, but here's a few of the many lowering jobs we did in the time. Sorry if we lost your pics!

On returning home Dave's Ghia received a 5" narrowed beam, drop spindles and some 'Outlaw' style scallops. While Darren's Bay got a disc conversion and a new exhaust system.
'66 Westy was finished shortly after Volksworld show and collected by Tim and family. It was a lot of work, but came out good after it's 25 year slumber. Suspension wise it received a 6" narrowed caster beam inside the chassis rails, narrowed rear torsion housing and drop spindles, raised box, etc. As well as all the metal repair, paint blending and interior work pictured in previous posts. Facebook gallery will be up shortly. The feature for Volksworld camper and bus is due out in the Feb or March 2011 issue.1970 Westy Hardtop arrived from the US and was sold as a project to someone oop north.Tom bought a 1970 bus from us in 2008. When it came time to replace it with something a bit newer, Tom got in touch and we sourced this lovely Bluestar multivan for him from Germany. It meant a Loooonng couple of days driving to Hamburg and back, but Tom was delighted with it, which makes it all worthwhile. Dan bought this 15 window and we had it collected for him and dropped straight at our shop for some much needed work. It received a straight axle conversion, drop spindles and a new 1600 engine. Unfortunately it also needed an entire new gear linkage, ALL the steering components, etc, etc. We suspect it was a South American 'Restoration' and was in quite a bad way everywhere. We worked out a lot of the bugs until Dan decided enough for now. This is why our Pre purchase inspections make SO much sense!Project '69 Deluxe came a long way before going to it's new home. Check out the before and (nearly) after pics below! Bus had a 4" narrowed linkpin beam and drop spindles, as well as a notched rear chassis with lowering plates.That's all for now. We will continue with updates in small sections, as there's a lot to report since Jan 2010!